Monday, May 4, 2009

Sampradaya 2009

It is here!!!!
A day long musical feast dedicated to the compositions of Muthuswami Dikshitar featuring eminent musical personalities including MS Sheela, RK Padmanabha, TS Sathyavathi and others.
The day would begin at 9 am with a group rendition of Dikshitar's Nottu Swara compositions led by eminent Guru Smt Rupa Sridhar and her disciples. It would be followed by group rendition of Dikshitar kritis by prominent musicians such as MS Sheela, RK Padmanabha and TS Sathyavathi.
There would also be two lecture demonstrations on the Sangeetha Sampradaya Pradarshini by V Sriram and Prof RS Jayalakshmi.
The day would come to an end with a concert by TM Krishna and party.
Please find the invite below.
It would be an honour if rasikas and students attend this event and contribute towards its success!!!

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