Sunday, April 26, 2009

Results of Dikshitar Kritis Competition

Here are the winners of Dikshitar Kritis competition:

Srinidhi Koushik - 1st place
Thanmayee Krishnamurthy - 2nd place
Sridevi Koushik - 3rd place

The following participants receive merit certificates for their promising performance:
Anjali Sriram
M A Madhuvanthi
Sanjay Nag B R
Nandhitha U N
Anjana P Rao
Sushma Sharma
Arun Nayak
Padmashri M Rao

Congratulations to all the winners!!
Prizes and certificates will be given away at Sampradaya festival on 10 May 2009. Winners will be contacted with details. 
Thanks to all participants for the co-operation. Hope to see you all at Sampradaya 09

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Overwhelming Response - Entries Closed

There has been a tremendous response for the competition.
The number of entries has far exceeded our expectations!!!!
Due to this overwhelming response, only entries received upto (and including) 15th April 2009 would be considered.
If your entry was accepted you would have got a response to your email from the Sampradaya Team. In case you have not got a reply, it implies that your entry has not been accepted - the only reason being that it was received after April 15th which was the last date advertised.
Watch this space for updates on the timings and rules and regulations...